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Completely Safe Gun Transfers

Buying the firearms you want from dealers nationwide is easier with legal private gun transfer from our shop in Buckeye, Arizona.

ARIZONA GUNNER is here to help when you purchase a firearm on an auction site or from another state. After you fill out the federal form, we run a background check to be approved by the FBI. Your gun is delivered to you once your background is checked and approved. 

Federal law requires this check for handguns and long guns. Some black powder and muzze loader are exempt.  Purchasing more than one firearms that are capable of attaching a drop-type magazine that holds more than 10 rounds may require additional forms and therefore may increase the transfer fee. We accept firearm orders by mail, email, or fax.  Simply call to schedule an appointment.

Ordering from Distributors
Once we've confirmed your order is correct, we check with manufactures and distributors to be sure your gun is available. Confirmed orders take no more than 24 hours to process with actual delivery depending on the method of shipment. You're quickly notified once your gun arrives at our shop in Buckeye, Arizona.

If however, you purchased a gun on one of the bidding websites or from an out-of-state gun dealer, we also do firearm transfers. Gun transfer fees start at $25.  Simply mouse over Transfers  on the left hand side of this page and a button will appear.  Click on the "Transfer Form". Fill out the form and click "submit".

Animal, Gun Transfers in Buckeye, AZ

Simplify the sale and purchase of firearms with transfers from our gun shop.

Simply fill in the blanks on our transfer form and click "submit" the completed form.  When your gun arrives we will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete the transfer.